A bit of history

In 1966, Fernando Domínguez San Martín and José Lucena Villalobos founded one of the most important quarries in the world and today in Europe, it has become a benchmark in the sector of extraction and processing of dolomite. Since its foundation, Prodomasa have become renown for supplying to the market a high-quality dolomite, outstanding for its purity and with exceptional whiteness. It has made us one of the leading companies in this mineral sector.


Prodomasa is located in Coín (Málaga), a strategic enclave a few kilometres from the port of Malaga. It is a company that handles the most ships of any other in the area.

In addition, road transport is also optimal, since we have easy access to the main road traffic routes. Sustainability has been our focus for years with priority given both to the production systems and in the study and execution of important investments, all under four fundamental premises:

    • Development and implementation of a sustainable extraction system, which demonstrates and achieves our company goals.
    • To promote economic and industrial development, giving direct and indirect employment
      in our socio-economic environment.
    • Maximum attention to the environment and the health of our workers.
    • Commitment and social participation

What makes us unique?

Parallel to our commercial activities, in Prodomasa we plan for the reintegration of the areas affected, investing every year a significant financial amount destined exclusively for this purpose and backing it with suitably qualified personnel.

In addition, we make an important contribution to the local community through the different schemes that we invest in annually as partnerships and sponsorships. They are also linked to the investments derived from the compensatory measures included in the agreement signed with the Coin City Council

Committed to safety and health

One of our main objectives is to guarantee maximum safety in our facilities. All our infrastructures have been designed in accordance with current regulations and comply with the highest national and international standards demanded in order to provide total safety.

We have a Safety Plan that covers all aspects of the organization that have an impact on the protection of people, property and the environment against possible risks presented by our own activities or those directly related to the company. This Safety Plan focuses on the elimination, minimization and adequate control of risks, applying it to all operations, equipment, processes and to all the employees and contractors. It Is developed and kept up to date by all levels in the organization.

Committed to society

At Prodomasa we strongly uphold our social commitment which started with our historical beginnings supporting cultural and sporting activities. Prodomasa was born in 1966, and its founders, José Lucena and Fernando Domínguez, in addition to being pioneering entrepreneurs in the development, growth and internationally marketing of one of the highest quality dolomite deposits in Europe, were also two people committed to the local community in which the company grew. A few years after establishing itself as one of the most prosperous companies in the area the first requests for collaboration arrived from the sports clubs of Coín and Prodomasa formalized its first sponsorships. Since then and for many years we have received many different and varied requests for collaboration that, in the vast majority, have obtained the positive support of the company.

The firm’s social commitment entails a financial item in its budgets allocated each year and its importance does not just lie in the figures, but in the willingness of Prodomasa in collaborating so that sports, culture, educational activities, initiatives in Arts and a maintenance of traditions, etc., can be carried out and thus enrich the fundamental heritage of our community.

This important work in terms of social commitment has been rewarded with a Recognition in the 2022 Sustainable Development Awards of the FdA, first prize in the category “Contribution to the Local Community”. We were also a candidate and a representative of Spanish companies in the equivalent European awards that take place in Brussels, coming in third place out of twenty projects from different European countries.