PURADOL is an additive for agricultural use in a powder form. It is obtained by milling the dolomite rocks and reducing the dolomite to very fine particles so it will react with water, and acts on the soil and provide the plants with the nutrients they need. Its high content of calcium and magnesium gives it special properties, ideal for soils with crops of coffee, corn, pineapple, citrus, banana, sugar cane, vegetables and all those plants that require correction of acidity of the soil for agricultural purposes.

• It has a high percentage of total magnesium, which gives it a higher EQ (Equivalent Chemical) with respect to other additives. In addition, together with a high degree of grinding (high EG) it allows us to obtain a higher PRNT than other products on the market.

Corrects the acidity of the soil.

• Increases the efficiency of fertilizers.

• Provides calcium directly to plants.

• And our wide range of grain sizes and mixtures adapts to all needs and agriculture requirements.